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Five:1 Fall Skill Development!
Pre-K and Up!

Five:1 Fall Skill Development
 is an introductory academy for athletes (girls AND boys) with a desire to enter into the world of volleyball.  We provide an introduction to the basic skills of volleyball in a fun way, but also provide an opportunity for kids of all ages to begin the path of training their bodies for athletics (jumping, lateral movements, stretches).  Athletes will be divided up according to age and/or skill level.

(7 classes per month)

$50/Session or $10/Walk-in per day

Session #1
September 4th - 25th


Session #2
September 30th - October 21st

Session #3
November 4th - 25th

Registration Listing

Skill Development - Pre-K & Up!

Thank you for registering for Skill Development!

This program will be an introduction to volleyball skills and competition.  Participants will learn basic volleyball skills and be involved in athletic activities that promote the development both gross and fine motor skills.

Session will be run concurrently with our Stars & Stripes 10-12u teams and will compete regularly against those teams during practice time.  This is a great way for athletes who are not able to be a part of a team program to get instruction, reps, and have fun playing volleyball!

Fall Skill Development #3 (Pre-K & up!) - Mon/Wed

Registration closes on 11/25/2019 at 09:15 PM
Season Dates: 11/04/2019 to 11/25/2019